"All you need is WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE and COMMITMENT TO FOLLOW, a little bit of WILLPOWER and a lot of FAITH to make changes in your health, body & overall well-being!"
- Anushree Somani

RYAN P (Fitness Instructor, Mumbai)

“They say when you really want to change and have the will to do so, things fall in place. That's where Anushree walked in as an angel. I have been a part of the wellness industry for over half a decade now but despite all my knowledge about nutrition and exercise, I had always fallen short when it came to my own health especially in the area of Nutrition. I have had issues with falling ill from time to time but my dengue in 2014 was the tipping point for me as it made me want to rethink all aspects of the way I lived my life. Even after recovering from dengue, my weakness and body aches were just not going away. I was just sick of falling ‘SICK.’

Anushree introduced me to a simple and practical ‘WELLNESS’ plan to get me back on track. She introduced me to balancing it all out. Not just food but my lifestyle and hydration. She made me realise I wasn't doing justice to the longest commitment of life (My own body). Having understood what was going on, I made it mandatory to adapt to these lifestyle and food habits that have changed my perception not just about food but life in general. Prioritising health took over looking a certain way aesthetically. My food habits led to me feeling healthy and stronger despite cutting out things that I thought were mandatory for my health and growth. Concepts such as replacing current bad eating habits with substitutes haven't made me feel like I have been depriving myself of anything at all. In fact I have never felt so energised. Myths about plant protein were broken down and ever since they've been a staple to my food plan. With the fear of sounding overly dramatic, she took me back to nature when it came to my food choices instead of being overly dependent on processed foods that were labeled "healthy". 

Thank you Anushree for making me believe small changes make a big impact. You've literally changed my perspective on so many things related to food, sleep, hydration and life in general"

SIDDHARTH S (Businessman, New Delhi)

“When it comes to fitness and fat loss, there are plenty of diets and routines available. Many people give you their advice, but Anushree at Wakeup to Wellness, actually turns your fitness goals into reality.

In just 6 months, I lost 22 pounds of body fat by combining the diet plan and fitness routine provided by her. She puts in a lot of thought and effort in designing a lifestyle plan strictly tailored to your body’s needs and your goals. Her diet plans are very practical to follow and you do not waste your precious time cooking those fancy fat loss diets.

I feel 1000 times more energetic and confident and my mindset has totally changed. They say that “When you look good, you feel good.” I’m also more motivated than ever before. I would highly recommend sticking to her advice for 6 months at least. Watch those layers of fat melt off one by one and receive lots of compliments from people around you!”

REKHA H (Media Manager, Mumbai)

“Anushree rocks! Her recommended diet does miracles. A few years ago, I used to feel very uneasy had persistent body aches and acidity, over all I was unwell. So I did some blood tests and it turned out that the Uric Acid levels in my blood were high. My physician said I needed medications for a month, to reduce the levels to normal, and prescribed some tablets but since I have always had faith in natural remedies, I consulted Anushree, followed the diet advised by her which by the way was very practical and easy to follow... and lo behold within a span of three days I felt 80% better my acidity had disappeared and I could eat normal meals without feeling nauseas. After 10 days I repeated my blood test and to my utter surprise my uric acid levels were normal! Nothing short of a miracle! God bless you Anushree. I now only trust Anushree's prescribed diet and owe my continued good health to her.”

ANISH L (Finance Professional, Mumbai)

“Untill I consulted Anushree I, I had tried various options for my condition- ‘Acute and consistent’ pain on a certain nerve on the left side of the neck. I read quite a bit about it on the internet, spoke to people, doctors and friends, all in vain.

And when she told me it’s a minor issue and required certain lifestyle changes, I was sure that this too was not going to help. But nevertheless, impressed with her professionalism, when she reverted with a challenging ‘WELLNESS plan’ within a week, I decided to give it my best.

So here is the thing - I got results after 1 month of following a disciplined regime. A problem that I had for last 15 years was resolved on account of something so simple. I was shocked and surprised, and after trying various permutations & combinations to isolate the real cause for the pain disappearing, everytime it seemed to pin point to the same cause i.e. diet and lifestyle

Anushree - Thank you for making me realise the importance of discipline and following a regime. That is the one thing that has not just helped me get over my pain, but also add on discipline in many other facets of my life. For that, my heartfelt gratitude to you and I wish you help many others like me.”

ANOOP K (Software Engineer, Chicago)

“After anxiously dealing with chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for few years & being told by health experts that there is no cure for my condition and I would have to manage it lifelong, Anushree was the first person I came across to enlighten me that the same was not true and fixing the lifestyle and diet could fix my problem.

Six weeks into ‘the WELLNESS plan,’ not only did my IBS attacks go away but I also felt great and looked healthier. The nervousness & confidence that I had lost especially around food completely came back & I started to feel normal again. Her plan felt difficult at first but soon it became a lifestyle & having understood what was really going on with the body allowed me to take charge of my health better than ever before.”

POOJA H (Mom-preneur, Mumbai)

“I approached Anushree for help with loosing weight 18 months post pregnancy. I had shed a lot of my pregnancy weight through regular exercise and diet guidance by another very popular celebrity dietician in the city. However, all this was in the first year post my delivery. For the last six months before I met Anushree, I was loosing my motivation - since no amount of diet control or exercise was helping me to get to my goal. I began thinking that I was fighting a loosing battle since my former nutritionist insisted that I was cheating or doing something wrong (because how can her diet advise not work??).
One meeting with Anushree though changed the whole game. She was more a friend than a consulting nutritionist. She understood my frustrations and also the challenges that came along with being a new mother and tailored a diet plan for me which was very different in principles from what I had been following. I started reluctantly - and as days went by my kilos started dropping immediately! I was back at my IDEAL weight (the one even before marriage!) in about 6-7 months time. It’s been three years now - and I still follow her principles because it actually makes me feel healthier and fitter. Thanks Anushree - couldn’t have done it without you!”

AARTY & FAMILY (Home-maker, Los Angeles)

“Anushree is my go-to person for any health related issue that my family or I face. I really trust her advice because with my experience with her I have come to realize that your kitchen is your healthiest medicine cabinet and that too without any side effects. Anushree's tips, techniques and guidance have taught me how to deal with issues such as cold, cough, fever, stomach troubles etc. in a correct and effective manner. 

She guided me during and post my second pregnancy and I was more fit, healthy, energetic and had a much smoother labor and delivery during that time as compared to my first and it was all thanks to her.
She has helped my husband feel more energetic and deal with sugar imbalances, hypertensions and get rid off his chronic sinus allergies with a practical and easy to follow plan. She has also helped me deal with many health issues my toddlers have faced. 

She is a person who walks the talk and you can feel her passion, enthusiasm and her genuineness. She puts her heart and soul while consulting and I am always grateful to her for helping me and my family.”

SUMAN S (Home-maker, Ranchi)

Anushree’s WELLNESS plan not only helped me achieve my weight loss goals but also helped me with a whole host of other ailments such as aches, pains, gas, bloating, weakness etc. and get healthier & feel more energetic. She truly makes you understand the importance of taking care of your body and how tuning inwards is the best solution to get answers for all your health woes.”

DEEPAK P (Businessman, Mumbai)

"After my Hiatus Hernia surgery, I had started having severe acidity and bowel issues along with being overweight. On meeting Anushree, she suggested a diet which, I initially thought was difficult and had certain hesitations. However I decided for my good to follow it seriously.

As I started the WELLNESS Plan, I realized that it is not difficult and each passing day I began to follow it religiously and started enjoying it. Every two weeks she changed the diet making it simple, practical and easy to follow. In matter of no time I started noticing results. I started losing weight and thereafter lost in inches on the waistline. People around me noticed it and were amazed. Besides waist and inches loss I realized my niggling knees and hips pain and other pains started disappearing and I began to feel much better overall. My bowel improved drastically and acidity problem reduced to a great extent. My energy levels become very high and I found myself mentally and physically fit. I had not anticipated and expected all this in such a short time. The right food with right advise could be such a great help.
Thank you for the kind and sincere interest and guidance. I wish you to help a lot of other people and sort their health problems through your immense knowledge and experience."

KAY R (Administrative Manager, Chicago)

In the past, I had worked with other health educators for transitioning to eating healthy and feeling energetic but always felt something was missing!  I thought being a vegetarian meant eating lettuce with vegetables and was looking for simple easy to prepare healthy and tasty meals to incorporate with my busy life and also ensure great health.

Anushree provided the much needed support and direction in a manner that made logical sense as well as was practical!   

From her I learned about my body and its needs, and that eating and incorporating more plant based meals meant a wide range of amazing foods, that taste fabulous and feel amazing too!   She helped me understand what foods to eat and when and how to create the perfect balance between taste and health.  She provided me delicious and nutritious recipes that were easy and quick to make, with tons of flavor and taste!  I am thoroughly enjoying these meals and now make sure to take out time over the weekends to make batches for the week. She also sent me meals and healthy desserts during the transition phase and is an absolutely fantastic cook from whom I wish to learn and enhance my new found culinary passion. Following her guidance on my dietary and lifestyle habits, I feel fabulous- have way more energy, reduced cravings and most of all fit into clothes that I had put away for a long time.  

NATALIA L (Chicago)

"The workshop was a beautiful experience of textures, smells, flavors and learning to create a wonderful healing nourishment and a delightful and delicious meal. I would love to continue learning from Anushree and would have her class as a treat for my guests in the future."

MARK M (Chicago)

"I loved the Indian Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop! It was both fun and educational. I learned a bit about the Ayurvedic philosophy, and then got hands-on experience cooking the most delicious and healthy Indian food. Anushree is an excellent teacher, and has great energy, knowledge, and passion."

ANN MARIE (Chicago)

"Anushree's personal story of healing is truly inspiring. She teaches joyfully and generously shares her knowledge of cooking for vitality and health."

LAURA Y (Chicago)

"Chef Anushree's "Flavors of India - Vegan Ayurvedic Cooking" class was my first introduction to Ayurveda, and my first vegan cooking class. It was amazing! I've been cooking for years, and I learned so many new techniques and principles in just a few hours in Anushree's kitchen. She was funny, warm, and welcoming, and a fantastic chef! She provided us with a packet of useful information on Ayurveda, where to buy ingredients online and in Chicago, recipes, and a list of kitchen staples for Indian cooking. I've already signed up for her next class!"

LA TANYA P (Chicago)

"Anushree's classes offer a wealth of knowledge. She offers tips you can use in your own kitchen, as well as a wonderful experience creating her delicious recipes, I can't wait to try more of her recipes at home. Don't wait! Sign up now!"

YASMINE E (Chicago)

"This experience was phenomenal! I learned a lot about Indian cuisine and the simple approach to its complexity! Great time and I look forward to future events"

HAILEY P (Chicago)

"This class was great! I learned so many valuable pieces of information about spices and digestion. I would definitely attend another class"

"Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food"
- Hippocrates