"We have a choice. We can agree to live in this culture of stress
where we wear stress as a badge of honor or we can say no, I’m going to live my life differently"

- Dr. Lissa Rankin

Unfortunately, stress has become a regular part of our everyday life, and it significantly affects not only our health but also all our activities, skills, emotions and relationships. When the brain perceives stress our food is not digested, hormones get imbalanced, healing, repair and growth functions cease, immune system weakens and by-products of stress, leave behind residues in our body that can turn toxic when stored for long.

In this hour long session we will:

  • Show you how to relax, calm your body and mind through some basic yoga asanas, breathing techniques and finger mudras and feel the peace from their balance
  • Learn how to manage daily stress in a more effective manner
  • Provide guidelines for sailing smoothly through inevitable stressful phases of life and learning the ART of BALANCE

Come experience these STRESS MANAGEMENT techniques that can be practiced quickly at any time of the day to help rejuvenate your nervous system and senses, an in turn relax the body from an overstressed lifestyle.

"Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food"
- Hippocrates