"Every cell in the body will continue to perform the function for which it was designed throughout its entire lifecycle, provided its environment remains congenial to it"

- Herbert Shelton

WAKEUP TO WELLNESS is dedicated to showing people that listening to our body, understanding its needs and making lifestyle changes accordingly can lead to vibrant health, happiness and healing. In today's modern busy lives, numerous obstacles can make this process difficult. We strive to help you at every step on your WELLNESS journey with services that empower you to take charge and build a solid foundation for long lasting health.

All you need is WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE, COMMITMENT TO FOLLOW, a little bit of WILLPOWER and a lot of FAITH in you own BODY and its miraculous healing ability to make changes in your health and feel amazing.

Join us help you

Unleash that healing power within,

Explore the true potential of your body and

Learn how to THRIVE not just survive!


A 15- minute phone session to

Understand your health goals
Help you understand the scope and structure of our WELLNESS services
Discuss the services/plans that are best suited for you
Clarify any doubts/concerns so that we can get the most from future sessions

"Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food"
- Hippocrates