"The supermarket can be a very treacherous environment if you're trying to eat well.
It's a very sophisticated landscape that's been designed to extract as many dollars from your wallet as possible"

- Michael Pollan

One of the most intimidating parts of cooking can be shopping for ingredients. While the best place to get high-quality produce is your local farmers market, this isn't always an option. Grocery stores/ Supermarkets are designed skillfully to encourage impulse buying and wasteful spending, product labels can be misleading with false health claims, making this experience overwhelming and frustrating.

During this hour long tour you will learn to

  • Wisely navigate supermarkets and shop economically
  • Find healthy substitutes and products to create new and amazing flavors
  • Understand what to buy Organic vs. Conventional
  • Read food labels and interpret product health claims

In turn, help you make Informed and conscious choices and feel confident that you are choosing the healthiest foods for your family.

"Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food"
- Hippocrates