What is Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling?

Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling is a modern and natural approach to healthcare taking into account the person as whole and considering all aspects of life including emotions, environment, nutrition, and daily habits to restore health and vitality. It is a guided path to achieve optimal health and vitality by systemically harmonizing and balancing the body through customized diet and lifestyle changes. While, most western medicine focuses on disease or non-disease states, and treating a symptom rather than the root cause, the goal of Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle counseling is to facilitate a health recovery plan as well as build a strong foundation for long term optimum health. In turn show you a sustainable path that leads to a healthier, happier, and more energetic you!

Benefits of Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling
  • Achieving an "ideal" weight
  • Healthy and glowing skin and hair
  • Improved digestion and balanced hormones
  • Increased energy and zest for life
  • Getting rid of Illness and symptoms by addressing the root cause
  • Feeling fabulous and staying fit in the long run
Who is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner?

Certified Nutritional Practitioners (CNPs) are Holistic Nutritionists with a Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from an accredited institution.

The following courses need to be completed to get the certification.

  • Fundamentals of nutrition
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Body metabolism
  • Advanced nutrition research
  • Herbal medicine
  • Preventive health care
  • Nutritional symptomatology
  • Nutritional pathology
  • Nutrition and the environment
  • Nutrition through the lifespan
  • Psychology of disease
  • Comparative diets
  • Ayurveda
  • Fitness and sports nutrition
  • Holistic food preparation
  • Professional practice and skills development
  • 100 hour co-op placement program

Source: www.instituteofholisticnutrition.com

How to get the most out of your session?


First of all have faith in your own body and its miraculous self healing ability when given the right fuel, nourishment and environment. Believing that something is impossible, incurable, and irreversible is limiting your body and its inner force to heal you.

Secondly communicate freely and openly with your counsellor about your concerns, reservations, and doubts. Regularly stay in touch and follow-up as change takes time and support.

And most of all do not get confused by opposing opinion and do not jump to conclusions on your own. Stand your ground and let your own experiences shape your beliefs.

Do I need to be Vegan/Vegetarian or have to follow a Vegan/ Vegetarian lifestyle?


NOT AT ALL. Firstly we do not propagate any particular diet/ lifestyle but instead believe in eating and living with the laws of nature to bring the body in a state of perfect harmony and balance! Healthy eating does not need to be labelled and its can mean different things for different people depending on one’s journey. We are happy to meet you where you are at and work towards your goals keeping in mind your likes, dislikes and dietary choices.

We are here to support you on your WELLNESS path at every step of the way and make your journey fulfilling, understanding your circumstances and surroundings.
Eating WHOLE FOODS and PLANT BASED FOODS (WFPB) are extremely health promoting and nourishing for you and your environment. Hence we encourage you to incorporate more WFPB meals in your diet by educating you on their benefits and empowering you with resources so that all your nutritional needs are met.

I love/crave a few things which I would not like to give up. Can I still achieve results?


Vitamin P i.e. Pleasure is one of the most important nutrients and we do not intend to take that away. Our WELLNESS Plans are made understanding your likes, dislikes, cravings, abilities etc. and hence we require you to fill a detailed questionnaire so we can gauge and assess your health condition, limitations, and personality completely and advise accordingly. However, if something you love is detrimental or damaging to your wellbeing, we might suggest temporary abstinence or substitutions to bring the body in balance.

A lot of our cravings are due to internal deficiencies so we will first work on fueling the body with what it requires so that the cravings vanish from the root.

A strong body with a healthy immune system is capable of handling everything in moderation and hence indulging occasionally for pleasure should be absolutely guilt free.

We only cease to be healthy when the damage is greater than the repair and hence we advise you various techniques- tips to balance and build an environment conducive for healing and repair while negating the side effects of anything that can create toxicity

Will I benefit for sure? How long will it take to experience results?


If you are committed and regular with following the WELLNESS Lifestyle with a positive attitude, then nothing can prevent you from experiencing True Vibrant Health.
However, every individual is different and there can be various limitations from enabling you to experience all the benefits immediately. It is also important to remember that there can be some discomfort along the way as the body adjusts to all the new changes but this is only to restore health and vitality in the long run. Depending on your circumstances, surroundings, dedication and history, timings can vary but the body will positively begin its journey on the WELLNESS path.

How does a Holistic Nutritionist differ from a Registered Dietitian?

There is a fair amount of confusion surrounding the differences between holistic nutrition professionals (HN) and registered dieticians (RD). A holistic nutrition professional brings non-biased health and nutrition information to friends, neighbors, associates, community and the media. They educate the public on the cost/benefit of eating unprocessed, local, fresh, plant-based foods. They identify the value of using quality nutritional products to manage chronic nutritional deficiencies and toxicities associated with lifestyle and environment-related health problems.

  • Food-based recommendations given by each
  • Science-based research utilized by each
  • Either may work in community or clinical settings

Differences include
  • Holistic Nutritionists (HNs) teach a whole, organic, chemical-free food approach to health.
  • RDs are encouraged by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to teach the USDA's MyPlate approach.*
  • A main tenet of holistic nutrition is biochemical individuality, and therefore, HNs develop Individualized programs to address client health concerns.
  • RDs are encouraged to use Association guidelines when developing protocols for their patients, such as those published by the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, etc.*
  • Many states license RDs to practice Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT); while HNs who are not also RDs may not practice MNT.

Holistic Nutrition Professionals DON'T
  • Practice Medical Nutrition
  • Diagnose, prevent or treat disease
  • Make unproven health claims
  • Use network marketing or product sales in lieu of individual client education

Holistic Nutrition Professionals DO
  • Promote active lifestyles
  • Teach healthy eating
  • Use proven assessments and therapies
  • Use scientific research as a foundation

Distinguishing Features of a Holistic Nutrition Professional
  • Fresh, natural-foods foundation
  • Educational emphasis
  • Client-based, not method - or product-based
  • Refers to licensed practitioners for medical conditions
  • Highest standard of accountability and integrity
  • Uses informed consent and full disclosure forms
  • Adheres to the NANP practice guidelines & ethics

*NOTE: A growing number of RDs are teaching a whole foods and holistic approach to health. They may or may not use the MyPlate or Association guidelines approaches with their patients

Source: www.nanp.org

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"Let food be thy medicine and
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